Manuscript submission

Submitting Manuscript – How it works

We encourage all Workshop participants to submit manuscripts for possible publication in the special „Tr?mpy“ volume of the Alpine Workshop in the International Journal of Earth Sciences.
The submission deadline is the 15th of December. Manuscripts should be submitted online simultaneously to the chief editor Wolf-Christian Dullo on the IJES Editorial Manager website and to Mark Handy (

Submitted Manuscripts

The following list shows the titles and authors of manuscripts submitted or to be submitted for this volume.

Last Name / First Name Provisional Title
Beltrando et al. Jurassic geometry of the Adriatic margin preserved in the Western Alps
Kurz, W. Neogene faulting in the central Eastern Alps
W?lfler, A. Mapping of Isotherms in the Sonnblick Dome (Eastern Alps)
Kapferer, N. The evolution of the Sesia Surface in Oligocene ? Miocene times, Bielle, NW Italy
Skourtsos, E. Episodic normal faulting in the South Peloponnesus, Greece
Neubauer & Genser Permotriassic tectonic events in Eastern Alps: linking surface with intercrustal processes
F?genschuh et al. The Schneeberg Fault Zone (Eastern Alps)
Loprieno et al. Structural geometries and tectonic evolution of ophiolite- and continental units in the Urthier Valley, Cogne (Western Alps)
Gasco et al. New insights in the Dora Maira vs Piedmont zone boundary: lithostratigraphic setting and tectono-metamorphic evolution
Martin et al. First finding of Cr-rich magnetit from Liconi mine (Cogne) ? Geological and mineralogical features
Zucali et al. Eclogitisation of the Permian Granite of Lago della Vecchia during Alpine Subduction (Lago della Vecchia, Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps)
Schlunegger, F. Construction and Inversion of the North Alpine Foreland Basin
Gueydan, F. HP-UHP metamorphism as an indicator of slab dip variations in the Alpine arc
Carry, N. Reconstruction of plate dynamics in the Alps
Zucali & Manzotti Pre-Alpine evolution of Valpelline Metabasics (Western Italian Apls)
Lammerer et al. Balanced section through the Eastern Alps
Vesel? et al. Variscan magnetism in the Tauern Window
Ford, M. Three dimensional history of plate flexure around the Western Alpine arc
Salles et al. Reconstruction of the ?? fold and thrust belt and its foreland basin

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