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Author Poster Title
Balen D., Petrinec Z. Tourmaline nodule distribution, shape and internal structure: 3D study of granite texture revealed by serial sectioning tomography
Ball?vre M. Integrating maps, structures and P-T paths : The Cogne area as a test of conflicting models
Baran R., McArdell B.W., Schlunegger F., Wunderlich T.A., Friedrich A.M. Erosion and bed-load transport processes on time-scales from minutes to thousands of years ? Alp Valley, Switzerland
Beltrando M., Compagnoni R., Manatschal G., Ferrando S., Mohn G., Frasca G., Masiero A. The western margin of Adria in the Jurassic ? New findings on the relationship between Sesia-Lanzo, Ivrea, Canavese and Lanzo Massif
Berger A., Mercolli I., Kapferer N., F?genschuh B. The Oligocene surface of the Sesia Zone, its burial and re-exhumation: some consequences for near-surface tectonics
Bertrand A., Garcia S., Rosenberg C.L. Exhumation mechanisms of the Tauern window, Eastern-Alps
Boston K., Rubatto D., Hermann J. Evidence for two high pressure metamorphic events in the Sesia Lanzo Zone, Western Alps
Cenki-Tok B., Oliot E., Thomsen T.B., Berger A., Spandler C., Rubatto D., Manzotti P., Regis D., Engi M., Goncalves P. Behaviour of allanite during mylonitisation and implications for U-Th-Pb dating: case study at the Mt Mucrone, Italy
Crupi P., Handy M.R., Rosenberg C.L., O?Brien P., Konrad-Schmolke M. A working hypothesis on the evolution of the eastern Himalayan Syntaxis (Namche Barwa)
Egli D., Mancktelow N. The exhumation of the Mont Blanc massif: new structural data
Elfert S., Reiter W., Spiegel C. Sources of Pliocene erosion of the Alps – The Lepontine Dome as a potential source area
Ferrando S., Frezzotti M. L., Orione P., Conte R. C., Compagnoni R. Rodingitization during Late-Alpine evolution in the Piemonte Zone meta-ophiolites (Aosta Valley, Italian Western Alps): evidence from mineral assemblages and fluid inclusions
Froitzheim N., Nagel T. J., Roller S., Pleuger J. How African is the Matterhorn?
Galli A., Le Bayon B., Schmidt M.W., Burg J.P. Lower crustal rocks in the Gruf Complex (eastern Central Alps): new geological map
Garcia S., Rosenberg C.L., Handy M.R. Neotectonics of the Periadriatic Fault System, in the Eastern and Southern Alps
Gasco I., Gattiglio M., Borghi A. New insights on the lithostratigraphic setting and on the tectonometamorphic evolution of the Dora Maira vs Piedmont Zone boundary (middle Susa Valley)
Glotzbach C., Bernet M., van der Beek P. Detrital apatite thermochronology from the Chambaran basin in the foreland of the Western Alps
Gueydan F., Le Garzic E., Carry N. P/T ratio in high pressure rocks as a function of dip and velocity of continental subduction
Guillot F. Cogne diorite geological knowledge (1894-Present): the subduction factory
Ibele T., Matzenauer E., Mosar J. Tectonics and Neotectonics in the Prealpes and Molasse Basin of Western Switzerland. Part 1 structural geology
Jurewicz E., Mercolli I., Berger A. Cavitation phenomena as a factor influencing the p-t conditions and mass loss processes within shear zones
Keil M., Neubauer F. Kinematics and palaeostress evolution adjacent to the Salzach-Enns strike-slip fault (Eastern Alps, Austria)
Kirst F., Sandmann S., Froitzheim N., Nagel T. The structure and evolution of the Pohorje Massif near Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia – HP-metamorphism and exhumation of Lower Central Austroalpine rocks
Kitzig C., Schneider S., Rosenberg C.L., Hammerschmidt K. On the age of sinistral shearing along the southern border of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps)
Konrad-Schmolke M., Handy M.R., Sudo M. 40Ar/39Ar and trace element in-situ laser spot analyses from compositionally zoned phengite grains from the Sesia-Lanzo Zone (Western Alps, northwestern Italy)
Kositz A., Ortner U., Willingshofer E., Sokoutis D. Transfer zones, fold-fault relations and their influence on syntectonic sedimentation: inferences from analogue modelling
Krenn K., Hoinkes G., Konzett J., Hauzenberger C. A tourmaline bearing eclogite in the eo-Alpine Polinik unit, Eastern Alps: The record of HP- metamorphic and metasomatic fluid activity
Kumar A., Rastogi V., Srivastava D.C. A rapid retrodeformational method for strain estimation from randomly oriented elliptical markers
Kurz W., W?lfler A. Reconstruction of distinct faulting events in the Eastern Alps by lowtemperature geochronology
Limoncelli M., Malus? M. G., Garzanti E. Zircon fission-track analysis on modern sands shed from the Alps: notes on separation procedures and state of the art
Linner M., Habler G., Grasemann B. Switch of kinematics in the Austroalpine basement between the Defereggen-Antholz-Vals (DAV) and the Pustertal-Gailtal fault
Loprieno A., Ellero A., Elter E., Molli G. Structural geometries and tectonic evolution of ophiolite- and continental-units in the Urtier Valley, Cogne (Western Alps)
Malatesta C., Crispini L., Federico L., Scambelluri M., Gerya T., Capponi G. Field-tested thermodynamic and numerical modeling to investigate exhumation of high-pressure rocks: the case of the Voltri Massif (Western Alps).
Malus? M. G., Polino R., Zattin M. Fission track dating as a correlation tool for complex structural datasets: constraints for the postmetamorphic evolution of the axial NW Alps
Manzotti P., Zucali M. Pre-Alpine microstructural and petrographic evolution of the Valpelline Series (Western Italian Alps)
Martin S., Carbonin S., Tumiati S. First finding of Cr-rich magnetite from Liconi mine (Cogne) – Geological and mineralogical features
Marton E., Moro A. Late Cenomanian – Senonian paleomagnetic results from Ist and surrounding islands (Norhern Adriatic Basin)
Marton E., Pla?ienka D., Grabowski J., Krobicki M., T?nyi I., Haas J. A new paleomagnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study on Late Cretaceous red marls from the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Poland and Slovakia)
Marton E., Zampieri D., Grandesso P., ?osovi? V., Moro A. The new Tithonian-Maastrichtian polar wander path for stable Adria based on direct paleomagnetic results from the foreland of the Southern Alps and from autochthonous Istria
Masini E., Mohn G., Manatschal G., Ghienne J.F., Lafont F. Tectono-sedimentary evolution of deep water rifted margins: the example of the distal SE Alpine Tethys margin (Central Alps, SE Switzerland)
Matzenauer E., Ibele T., Mosar J. Tectonics and Neotectonics in the Prealpes and Molasse Basin of Western Switzerland. Part 2 Paleostress
Mohn G., Masini E., Manatschal G., Beltrando M., M?ntener O., Kusznir N. Unraveling the crustal structure of hyper-extended rifted margins: the example of the Bernina domain in the Alpine Tethys (SE Switzerland)
Nagel T., Schmidt S., Jahn-Awe S., Georgiev N., Froitzheim N., Pleuger J. Significance of the Nestos Shearzone in the southern Rhodopes (Northern Greece/Southern Bulgaria)
Neubauer F. & Genser J. Metamorphic and structural evolution of the Gailtal basement complex: significance for Austroalpine tectonics in Eastern Alps
Piazza P., Malus? M. G., Vezzoli G. The Frontal Pennine Fault on the northern side of the Aosta Valley
Pleuger J., Mancktelow N. The Insubric fault zone in the Canavese and Val d?Ossola areas
Pleuger J., Nagel T., Georgiev N., Jahn-Awe S. High-pressure and high-temperature metamorphism of the Starcevo unit (Rhodopes, Bulgaria) and its fast exhumation
Polino R., Malus? M. G., Martin S., Carraro F., Gianotti F., Bonetto F. The Aosta sheet of the New Geological Map of Italy
Pomella H., Scholger R., F?genschuh B. Magnetic analyses on Oligocene tonalites along the Giudicarie fault system
Puhr B., Schuster R., Hoinkes G. Petrology of metacarbonate rocks of the Austroalpine Basement (Eastern Alps): tectonometamorphic implications
Puhr B., Schuster R., Hoinkes G., Moshammer B. 87Sr/86Sr isotope study of marbles of the Austroalpine Basement (Eastern Alps): tectonometamorphic implications and age constraints
Regis D., Manzotti P., Boston K., Cenki-Tok B., Robyr M., Rubatto D., Thomsen ., Engi M. Complexities in the high pressure metamorphic history of the central Sesia Zone near Cima di Bonze (NW Italy)
Reiter W., Elfert S., Spiegel C. Pliocene erosion and drainage evolution of the Alps: Constraints from Neogene sedimentary deposits
Resentini A., And? S., Garzanti E., Malus? M. G., Padoan M., Paparella P.,
Vezzoli G., Vermeesch P.
Detrital fingerprints of fossil continental subduction zones
Rosenberg C.L., Bertrand A., Schneider S. Extensional offset along the Brenner Fault and orogen-parallel extension in the Eastern Alps: a reassessment
Salles L., Ford M. Structural evolution of the southern subalpine chains in SE France – A passive margin inverted on multiple detachments?
Scharf A., Handy M.R., Hammerschmidt K., Rosenberg C.L., Oberh?nsli R. Kinematics, Conditions and Timing of the Katschberg Normal Fault at the eastern end of the Tauern Window (Austria)
Scheiber T., Reiser M.K., Herwegh M., F?genschuh B. Structural observations at macro- and micro-scale in the upper Obernberg Valley, Tyrol, Austria/Italy
Schmidt S., Nagel T.J., Froitzheim N. A new location with micro-diamond-bearing metamorphic rocks south of Sidironero (SW Rhodopes, Greece)
Schneider S., Hammerschmidt K., Rosenberg C.L. Dating the duration and termination of sinistral shear in the Tauern Window. Implications for indentation and exhumation
Skourtsos E., Lekkas S. Episodic normal faulting in South Peloponnesus, Greece
K. Ustaszewski, S.M. Schmid, A. Kounov, U. Schaltegger, W. Frank, B. F?genschuh, B. Tomljenovic Cenozoic evolution of the Adria-Europe plate boundary in the northern Dinarides (Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina) ? kinematics, tectonometamorphism and neotectonics
von Hagke C., Cederbom C.E., Oncken O., Schlunegger F., Ortner H., Lindow J. Coupling between Climate & Tectonics? Insights from Low Temperature Thermochronology and Structural Geology applied to the Pro-Wedge of the European Alps
Wiederkehr M., Bousquet R., Ziemann M.A., Berger A., Schmid S.M. 3-D assessment of peak-metamorphic conditions by Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material at the margin of the Lepontine dome (Swiss Central Alps)
W?lfler A., Legrain N., St?we K., Fritz H. 4D kinematics of the Neogene Eastern Alps: An ArcGis based analysis of horizontal and vertical kinematics
Yamato P., Ball?vre M., Le Bayon B. Prograde P-T path of eclogitised Permian metasediments (Gran Paradiso massif, western Alps)
Zanchetta S., D?Adda P., Zanchi A., Villa I. M., Malus? M. G., Berra F., Barberini V., Bergomi M. New chronological constraints in the Orobic Alps: evidence for Late Cretaceous to pre-Middle Eocene compressions